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Korean tea Osulloc "PERSIMMON LEAVES "


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Quantity : 30 gr 

Ingredients : Persimmon leaves 100 %

A healthy Tea full of spring energy.

It is a tea made from the young persimmon leaves grown in the Jirisan hill.

Like spring sunshine, full of fresh energy and savory flavor

It adds to the health of daily life.

"I grew up with the coolness and warm sunshine of the Jeju sea.The freshness that Jeju Jujilang delivers, blows away the stress of everyday life"

OSULLOC tea farm

OSULLOC, the biggest national tea brand and also globally renowned, integrates all tea-related processes that encompass producing, harvesting and selling of tea. OSULLOC makes enormous efforts in harvesting the best green tea leaves through technological farming method that benefits both Mother Nature and human.

It is OSULLOC philosophy to incorporate modern technology into traditional tea-making know-how, upholding the tradition while accepting a new trend in order to create the best tea.

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