Beyond pain, Korean movie PAIN

After losing his family when she was only a boy, Nam-soon is no longer able to experience pain, neither the physical nor the emotional one, it is anesthetized in front of any kind of emotion. When he meets Dong-hyun, a sick girl with hemophilia who, unlike Nam-soon, suffers and bleeds for the smallest wound, something in him changes. The two are getting closer and Nam-soon progressively begins to abandon the insensitive armor that has protected h Read more...

Based on a true brutal story in South Korea HOPE

Based on a horrifying and fiery story of 2008, Lee Joon-ik's "Hope" speaks of the injustice he met with a young, middle-class South Korean couple. The eight-year-old daughter (So-won in the original adaptation, and no coincidence that the name was translated into English as "Hope") was brutally beaten and raped by a middle-aged alcoholic man. Although the consequences were devastating and physically irremediable (in addition to psychological dama Read more...

26 March 1991 - South Korea, a real story, a real drama become the movie CHILDREN

March 26, 1991: Local Election Day. Five kids who still go to elementary schools disappear mysteriously. Their parents said they would go looking for frogs in the streams of nearby Mountain Waryong. The film takes into account the different views on the mysterious disappearance of the five children: that of a television producer, parents of missing children, a professor and a detective. In fact, one of the parents becomes the first suspect. Read more...

narrative of Korean folklore movie THE SERVANT

The "Chun-hyang story" is a narrative of Korean folklore, whose origins seem to emerge from a shamanic ritual. Subsequently, the story spread in the form of pansori singing, acquiring a more complex narrative structure that has been handed down to this day. Chun-hyang, daughter of a kisaeng and an aristocrat, falls in love with Mong-ryeong, son of the local magistrate. Read more...

THE CASE OF ITAEWON HOMICIDE a real case involving political relationship between South Korea and the Usa .

One night Jong-pil Jo is assassinated in the bathroom of a fast food. On the scene are some Korean students with American citizenship and two of them are placed inside the bathroom since the first police investigations. The task of the Park Attorney will be to determine who has actually committed the crime. Read more...

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