I want to love you again from the beginning. Io Takumi (Nakamura Shigeyu) and his 6-year-old son Yuji (Daikai Akashi), who left Mio (Takeuchi Yuko) before his wife, live life vigorously while feeling the blankness of his wife. The only thing left to them is the promise of his wife's penmanship and the promise she left behind: "I'll be back in the rain a year later." Then, one day on a rainy day, Mio, who left the world in front of Takumi and Yuji who had been taking a walk in the forest where I was always playing, really appears. But she has lost all her memories of her life. However, Takumi and Yuji are warmly welcomed by Mio, she does not deny both of them, and the three stranger people live together. Takumi tells Mio who does not have memories, the process of love when they met. And the two of them naturally create a love "Second", and Yu-ji also feels so much joy and happiness that he met a 'second' mother. Mio, who had spent such a dream time, found a diary that she had been using since her high school days in a time capsule kept by Yu-ji and tears infinitely. The reason for this is that after 6 weeks, She is leaving Takumi and Yuji at the end of the rain season. What was the miracle during those six weeks? Why did Mio return to the side of Takumi and Yuji? All answers were clearly written in Mio's diary. Please wait for me ... Now, I'm going to see you.

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