KOREAN MOVIE Queen of Walking 2016 DRAMA

KOREAN MOVIE Queen of Walking 2016 DRAMA

Everyone works hard! Hurry up!

"Do I have to?"


She was born at the age of 4 and was unable to travel all the way to the world due to congenital nausea

syndrome (Shim Eun-kyung). Only two-legges, high school girl walking to school a four-hour round trip.


Unconditionally fast, unconditionally hard work! The reality of being forced by her dreams and passions, but in

her life What she wants is live in moderation.

one day an unexpected 'alarm' starts to sound! One thing that she Confident walking, Beacuse of

recommendation of the homeroom teacher who admired the wonderful commute time of her she started exercise

'walking' which is perfect for her.


  She do not like studying, and she think it will be easy for her to exercise. I started, but she can not run or walk!

Would it be possible to meet a new herself through 'walking'?

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