Ordinary Person 2017 DRAMA

Ordinary Person  2017  DRAMA

Unusual times,

A special story of ordinary people who wanted to live in the ordinary begins!

A hardcore detective who loyal to the nation,

The most common man of house sang-jin (Son Hyun-joo), whose desire to live in a two-story dormitory with his son and wife.

Sung-jin arrested suspicious suspect, Taesung (Cho, Dang-hwan).

Sung-jin noticed that is the first serial muder case in Korea.

 As a result, he joins deeply without knowing himself. the secret duties led by Gyeongnam (Janghyuk).


 On the other hand, A freelance reporter (Kim Sang-ho) who close with Sung-jin.

 During the interview, Sang-ho noticed the suspicious sense of this incident and said to Sung-jin to release that case.

 Sung-jin, who has been promised the operation of his uncomfortable son, accepts Kyung-Nam's uncomfortable proposal.


 As a father, he has no choice but to do.

 This is put Sung-jin and his family at greater risk and begins to shake his life ...

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