26 March 1991 - South Korea, a real story, a real drama become the movie CHILDREN

26 March 1991 - South Korea, a real story, a real drama become the movie  CHILDREN

March 26, 1991: Local Election Day. Five kids who still go to elementary schools disappear mysteriously. Their parents said they would go looking for frogs in the streams of nearby Mountain Waryong. The film takes into account the different views on the mysterious disappearance of the five children: that of a television producer, parents of missing children, a professor and a detective. In fact, one of the parents becomes the first suspect.

A-i-deul ... talk of a chronicle that has vast resonance in Korean public opinion.

Those of the so-called frog boys, because the five children told the parents that they were looking for frogs then they disappeared into nothingness.

Lee Kyo's film is far from being just a denunciation film examining various points of view about the incident and making a point.
The director's view coincides with that of a television producer with a painful past (a fake documentary) that is literally slammed by his television network in Daegu.
Here, also encouraged by the theories of a university professor, he continues his research, involving the police in their own conjectures.
But everything will turn out to be unsuccessful.

After a first part that closely follows the facts, the director opts for a finale tied to much more fiction than reality. At least he formulates his own theory (putting it in pictures in a finale that goes beyond the boundaries of the drama to thrill into the thriller) that he has never had an official confirmation.

The film is undoubtedly engaging without looking for emotional blackmail at all costs.
If for most of the narration the tone is measured in the last part, it leaves a lot of room for the pain of the missing children's parents.

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