Korean movie " A FROZEN FLOWER " region 3 Dvd


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Movie: A Frozen Flower
Revised romanization: Ssanghwajeom
Hangul: 쌍화점
Director: Yu Ha
Writer: Yu Ha
Producer: Tae-heon Lee, Kyeong-ho Shin, David Cho
Cinematographer: Hyeon-ki Choi
Release Date: December 30, 2008
Runtime: 133 min.
Genre: Period / Drama / Gay
Production Company: Opus Pictures
Distributor: Showbox
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


The king is young and resolute, less and less inclined to adopt the traditionally obsequious position of Koryo rulers over China. Around him he gathered a group of warriors led by the capable Hong-rim, loyal to fanaticism. But the inability of the king to create an heir has made him vulnerable, and the rulers of the Yuan Dynasty in China have demanded that the king's cousin be crowned prince. The potential for an explosion of violence, from within or outside the royal palace walls, is therefore very high. Inside the king's private quarters, however, things are even more complicated. Jump out that the king is gay, imprisoned in a love affair with Hong-rim. When the shortage of the sheep becomes untenable, she advances a shrewd proposition: that Hong-rim is ingrained by the queen. But things will not go as he imagine ...


Jo In-sung as Hong-rim
Joo Jin-mo as King
Song Ji-hyo as Queen[10]
Shim Ji-ho as Seung-gi
Lim Ju-hwan as Han-baek
Yeo Wook-hwan as Im-bo
Song Joong-ki as No-tak
Jang Ji-won as Bo-deok
Kim Choon-gi as Eunuch Hwang
Lee Jong-goo as Tae-sa
Jo Jin Woong as Lord Tae Ahn
Kwon Tae-won as Jo Il-moon
Do Young-goo as Gi Won-hong
Ko In-beom as Yeon Ki-mok
No Min-woo as Min-woo
Do Ye-seong as Choi Kwan
Yeo Jin-goo as young Hong-rim
Lee Poong-woon as young King
Seo Young-joo as young Han-baek

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