Korean movie " MY DEAR ENEMY " region 3 Dvd


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Movie: My Dear Enemy
Revised romanization: Meotjin Halu
Hangul: 멋진 하루 / 멋진하루
Director: Lee Yoon-Ki
Writer: Asuko Taira (short story), Park Eun-Young
Producer: David Cho, Jo Kwang-Hee, Oh Jeong-Wan, Lee Dong-Ho
Release Date: September 25, 2008
Runtime: 123 min.
Genre: Romance / Road / Award Winning
Studio: Sponge
Distributor: Lotte Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Hee-soo is not 'the type of person who says what's on her mind, but you can tell when there is something wrong. When, in a racecourse, sees the ex-boyfriend Byung-woon, his voice cracked with anger. "I want my money," he says, ignoring even the smallest greeting. Byung-woon, for its part, looks like a man trapped.
Despite the initial hostility between the two, also due to the attitude of the man who uses his charm with all the women he meets, as the two spend more and more time together and start  recovering the sum of the money he has to give her back the relationship between them improves hour by hour....


Jeon Do-yeon

Ha Jung-woo


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