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Movie: The Loner
Revised Romanization: Uidoli
Hangul: 외톨이
Director: Park Jae-Sik
Writer: Park Jae-Sik
Producer: Lee Ho-Seong, Moon Eun-Joo, Seo Kwang-Chil
Cinematographer: Lee Seung-Min
Release Date: September 18, 2008
Runtime : 117 min.
Genre: Thriller / Horror
Distributor: Sungwon Icom
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean



Jeong Soo-na (Go Eun-ah) is a 17-year-old high school student who lives with her uncle, Se-jin (Jeong Yu-seok), and grandmother (Jeong Yeong-sook) in a big mansion. Her bullied best friend, Lee Han-jeong (Lee Da-in) is subjected to a cruel prank that humiliates her at a public place that she decides to commit suicide by jumping on the railway. She returns home, but becomes a hikikomori (a reclusive lifestyle) until her bully arrives to apologize, only to find Han-jeong's dead body littered with splattered blood and vermin. The news drives Soo-na over the edge, while Han-jeong's bully commits suicide by jumping from the rooftop because of her trauma.

Soo-na slowly becomes a hikikomori, as identified by her uncle's fiancée, Choi Yoon-mi (Chae Min-seo), a psychology student. This is compounded when Se-jin's old flame, Han Song-i (Lee Yeon-soo) meets with Se-jin, only to be followed and beaten by Soo-na's grandmother as the latter angrily refuses to allow her to meet with Soo-na. During a dinner, Soo-na, in a trance, recounts a story to Yoon-mi that implies that Se-jin is actually her father, with Song-i her mother, and that the two were involved in a teacher-student romance until Se-jin abandoned her, with Song-i afterward marrying a man who abuses her everyday. Yoon-mi is furious when Se-jin avoids her questions and states that she will not talk with him unless he brings the topic again.

Soo-na's condition becomes even worse, with vermin starting to appear on her body. When the housemaid enters Soo-na's room while she is out, she is knocked out and fitted inside a barrel with the corpse of the Jeong's pet dog. Soo-na's grandmother attempts to reach Soo-na's room by a ladder but Soo-na kicks it, breaking her grandmother's back. That night, her grandmother heads to Soo-na's room but is stopped by Soo-na and a figure behind her, the latter of whom makes Soo-na's grandmother falls off of the stairs to her death.

Se-jin leaves a voice message to yoon-mi, telling that he needs her, in a desperate attempt to talk with Soo-na again. Song-i is later found dead on the railway. Upon hearing this, Se-jin talks to Soo-na in front of her bed room door, stating that he left Song-i not because he stopped loving her, but because she was already married by the time he was discharged from the army. When Se-jin falls asleep later, Soo-na observes her mother's spirit fondling Se-jin. Meanwhile, Yoon-mi searches Song-i's house and learns that Se-jin and Song-i have a second daughter, Kim Mi-jeong (Song Min-jeong) who lives with her mother. She quickly goes to Se-jin's mansion, where Se-jin is about to commit suicide until he sees what appears to be Soo-na. He follows her but is knocked out. When he wakes up, he discovers Yoon-mi lying motionless in Soo-na's bed. He sees Soo-na about to jump and tries to convince her, only to realize that she is not Soo-na; she is actually Mi-jeong. He lets her go and Mi-jeong then dies from impalement.

Soo-na is transferred to a mental facility where she admits to letting Mi-jeong plot against their father and grandmother, since Mi-jeong, who had to live in an abusive family life with her stepfather, is jealous of Soo-na's happy life with their father. Se-jin reads Mi-jeong's hikikomori blog and learns that she was the one who had committed all the horrible things that happened in their house, not Soo-na. The film ends with Se-jin repeatedly piercing a knife to his table as vermin covers him, indicating that he is becoming a hikikomori.


Go Eun-ah ... Jeong Soo-na

Jeong Yu-seok ... Jeong Se-jin

Chae Min-seo ... Choi Yoon-mi

Jeong Yeong-sook ... Grandmother

Lim Dae-ho ... Gwan Ri-in

Lee Da-in ... Lee Ha-jeong

Lee Yeon-soo ... Han Song-i

Lee Eun ... Lee Eun-hee

Jeong Da-hye ... Teacher

Song Min-jeong ... Kim Mi-jeong


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