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Summer Whispers (Hangul여름, 속삭임RRYeoreum, Soksakim) is a 2008 South Korean romance film starring Lee Young-eun and Ha Seok-jin. It is written and directed by first-time director Kim Eun-joo. Lee was nominated Best New Actress at the 46th Grand Bell Awards in 2009.

Movie: Summer, Whispers
Revised romanization: Yeoreum, Soksakip
Hangul: 여름, 속삭임
Director: Kim Eun-Ju
Writer: Kim Eun-JuBae Soo-In
Producer: Pyeon Jang-Wan
Cinematographer: Seo Ki-Won
Release Date: October 16, 2008
Runtime: 96 min.
Genre: Romance
Distributor: CJ Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


Professor Noh decides to visit his son in America after losing his wife. He asks his student (Young-jo) and a young man (Yoon-soo) from the flower shop to take care of his house. Young-jo arranges his books in the morning, while Yoon-soo tends to the garden in the afternoon. Although they do not meet, they come to know each other through the traces each left in the house and through the Professor's cat whom Young-jo is allergic to.


Lee Young-eun as Young-jo
Ha Seok-jin as Yoon-soo
Choi Jong-won as Professor Noh
Woo Sang-min as Professor Noh's wife
Jung Woo as Jung-sik
Choi Yoon-jung as Shin-hee
Kim Hyung-beom as movie director

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