Korean movie " MONTAGE " region 3 Dvd


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Movie: Montage
Revised romanization: Mongtajoo
Hangul: 몽타주
Director: Jung Geun-Sub
Writer: Jung Geun-Sub
Producer: Ahn Young-Jin
Cinematographer: Lee Jong-Youl
Release Date: May 16, 2013
Runtime: 120 min.
Genre: Suspense-Thriller / Mystery / Crime
Distributor: Next Entertainment World
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


A kidnappers disappeared without leaving traces after the kid kidnapped made a bad end. Fifteen years later, shortly before the prescription of his crime, someone leaves a flower at the exact point where his victim was found dead. The mother of the little girl, who still does not give peace and does not accept that the criminal remains unpunished, pray the detective who took care of not throwing the sponge in the light of this event before it is too late.


Uhm Jung-hwa as Ha-kyung

Kim Sang-kyung as Cheong-ho

Song Young-chang as Han-chul
Jo Hee-bong as Detective Kang
Yoo Seung-mok as Chief detective Kwak
Lee Joon-hyuk as Chief detective Shin
Park Chul-min as Section chief Koo
Jung Hae-kyun as Detective Choi
Gi Ju-bong as Ear doctor Han
Oh Dae-hwan as Yong-sik
Kim Sung-kyung as Seo-jin, Ha-kyung's daughter
Heo Jung-eun as Bom, Han-chul's granddaughter
Song Min-ji as Bom's mother

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