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Movie: Hi! Dharma!
Revised Romanization: Dalmaya nolja
Hangul: 달마야 놀자
Director: Park Chul-Kwan
Assistant Director: Jung Geun-Sub
Writer: Park Gyu-Tae
Producer: Lee Joon-Ik
Release Date: November 9, 2001
Runtime : 95 min
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Hi! Dharma! (Hangul: 달마야 놀자RRDalmaya Nolja; literally "Hey Dharma Let's Play") is a 2001 South Korean comedy about gangsters who hide out in a monastery. With 3,746,000 admissions, it was the fifth highest-grossing Korean film of 2001.


After losing a bloody battle with a rival gang, Jae-gyu and his men take flight, finding refuge in an isolated Buddhist temple in the mountains. The peaceful monks accept to give them hospitality for a week, after which it will be a competition of pentathlon monks and criminals to determine who will dictate the rules of coexistence.


Park Shin-yang ... Jae-gyu
Jung Jin-young ... Monk Jeong-myeong
Park Sang-myun ... Bul-kom
Kang Sung-jin ... Nal-chi
Kim Su-ro ... Wang Ku-ra
Hong Kyoung-in ... Rookie
Kim In-mun ... Master
Kim Young-moon

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