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Nugi Reusable Pee Pad Indoor Dog Training Toilet, Plus Litter Tray


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Product description

Size:Small (15x17.5")


-Toilet Base + Pad + Mash Top.


Nugi Pad

-Quickly absorbs, drains and drys.

-Wash and ready for use multiple time.

-Stays sanitary.

-99.9% Anti-bacterial fiber Usage

-After 30 days of use, odor will begin to accumulate.

-This will vary depending on amount of use and frequency of washing.

-To maximize pad use,wash twice daily(Morning and evening).

-Change pad after 50 - 60 days.


Product details

Size: Small (15x17.5")

            Medium (19x21.5")

       Large (31x17.5)

Shipping Weight: 2.5 pounds


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