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MOVIE "The Hateful Eight” Blu-raySteelbook Lenticular + OST /REGION All

Lenticular out case+  Poster&Holder+36p booklet+The blu limited edition card+Photo card

2 disc

movie - 167 minutes

audio - English

sub - : Korean, English

16:9 Widescreen 1080P

English DTS-HD MA 5.1



1-1. L'Ultima Diligenza di Red Rock
1-2. Overture
1-3. Major Warren Meet Daisy Domergue
1-4. Narratore Letterario
1-5. Apple Blossom
1-6. Frontier Justice
1-7. L'Ultima Diligenza di Red Rock #2
1-8. Neve - Versione Integrale
1-9. This Here Is Daisy Domergue
1-10. Sei Cavalli
1-11. Raggi di Sole Sulla Montagna
1-12. Son Of The Bloody Ni**er Killer Of Baton Rouge
1-13. Jim Jones At Botany Bay
1-14. Neve #2
1-15. Uncle Charlie's Stew
1-16. I Quattro Passeggeri
1-17. La Musica Prima del Massacro
1-18. L'Inferno Bianco - Synth
1-19. The Suggestive Oswaldo Mobray
1-20. Now You're All Alone
1-21. Sangue e Neve
1-22. L'Inferno Bianco - Ottoni
1-23. Neve #3
1-24. Daisy's Speech
1-25. La Lettera di Lincoln - Strumentale
1-26. La Lettera di Lincoln - Con Dialogo
1-27. There Won't Be Many Coming Home
1-28. La Puntura Della Morte


The secession war has been over for a few years. A diligence travels in the wintry winter of Wyoming. On board there is the hunter John "The Hangman" (The Boia) Ruth and his prisoner Daisy Domergue, heading for Red Rock, where the woman will be handed over to justice. Along the way, they are joined by Major Marquis Warren, a former Northern Nigerian soldier, who has also become a famous size hunter, and Chris Mannix, who appears as a new Red Rock Sheriff. The snowstorm rages, and the company finds shelter at Minnie's embankment, where they are greeted not by the owner, but by four strangers: Mexican Bob, Red Rock captain Oswaldo Mobray, the herder Joe Gage and the General of the Confederation Sanford Smithers. Storm blocks the eight characters who soon realize that reaching their destination will not be easy at all. For many reasons.


  • Samuel L. Jackson as Major Marquis Warren a.k.a. "The Bounty Hunter"
    • Kurt Russell as John Ruth a.k.a. "The Hangman"
      • Jennifer Jason Leigh as Daisy Domergue a.k.a. "The Prisoner"
      • Walton Goggins as Chris Mannix a.k.a."The Sheriff"

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