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Movie " UNFORGIVEN 1992 " BLU-RAY (2D+4K UHD)


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  • Publisher : Warner Brothers
  • Release date : May 25, 2017
  • *Technical Information *
  • Genre : Drama, Western  
  • Directors : Clint Eastwood
  • Actors : Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman
  • Aspect Ratio & Format : BD50, 4K UHD: BD66
  • 4K Audio : DTS-HD Master Audio; English 5.1, Dolby Digital: Spanish 2.0, Czech 5.1, German 2.0, Hungarian 2M, Italian 2.0, Latin American Spanish 2.0, Voiceover 2M, Russian 2.0, Thai 2M
  • Audio : DTS-HD Master Audio; English 5.1, Dolby Digital; Spanish 2.0, Czech 5.1, German 2.0, Hungarian 2M, Italian 2.0, Latin American Spanish 2.0, Polish (Voiceover) 2M, Russian (Voiceover) 2.0, Thai 2M
  • 4K Subtitles : Korean, English SDH, Arabic, Chinese, Cantonese, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian French, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish
  • Subtitles : Korean, English SDH, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, French, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish
  • Special Feature Subtitles : English SDH, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, French
  • Rating : 15
  • Region Code : A
  • Run Time : 131 mins

*Special Feature *

- Commentary by Richard Schickel

- Eastwood on Eastwood (68:14)

- All on Accounta' Pullin' a trigger (22:35)

- Eastwood & Co: Making Unforgiven (22:52)

- Eastwood...A Star(16:00)

- "Duel at Sundown" Maverick TV episode(49:07)

- Theatrical Trailer


Big Whiskey, Wyoming, 1880. A prostitute is scratched in the face by a cowboy who came to the brothel in the company of a friend. While the shepherd claims that the woman has tried to rob him, another prostitute states that the gesture is due to the fact that the girl would have laughed at seeing him stripped of it. The sheriff of the place, Little Bill Daggett, a formerly irreproachable and law-abiding pistol to law as tough as a harbinger, by the often rather striking and violent methods, requires the cowboy to indemnify the brothel holder with five horses to compensate for the future lack of Because of the fact that her prostitute, now scratched, will no longer be appealing to customers.

The other prostitutes of the brothel are not satisfied with this punishment and decide to pay a $ 1,000 reward for the killing of the two boys, without worrying that one of the two is not only innocent but has even saved the Girl stopping her friend. The sheriff does not approve the decision of the girls, preventing them from putting a real "size" but they strike the ban by teasing the voice of reward, which seems to them the only way to see justice. As a result of the offer, there is an old acquaintance of the sheriff, Bob the Englishman, an old English bounty killer who travels along with a curious personal biographer named Beauchamp; English is, however, soon discouraged and driven out of town by Little Bill Daggett, who before throwing him off deals with a brutal public beating, followed by a night in the cell.

After him, he comes to the town of a trio formed by the young and inexperienced Kid Schofield, aspirant gunman, and two old and rusty former exterminators and killers whom he contacted: William Munny, famous for the heinous crimes committed during his robberies , Where they also lost old, women and children, and his friend and appears African-American, Ned Logan. Both have now completely changed their lives for at least a decade and seem to live with deep bitterness and remorse with their past atrociousness (hence, probably, the unforgiven original title that literally means unforgivable, like the same young deceivers they will have to kill ). In particular, Munny married, made a livestock breeder on a ranch in Kansas, and has two small children to grow alone after his wife - whose love led him to deny the unscrupulous man Who was first and redeemed - has recently died due to smallpox. The serious economic problems, however, despite the initial reluctance, push them to accept this bounty killer assignment.

The three manage to satisfy the thirst for revenge of prostitutes, but with tragic consequences: Ned Logan, nauseated by the execution of the first young cowboy, the innocent who dies agonizing, decides to give up the mission and to leave home but captured on Way of returning from Little Bill Daggett's men, is barbarously beaten and tortured to reveal the identity of his accomplices and where they are. Faithful to his comrades, he initially refuses to reveal his names, and is beaten to die. His corpse is then exposed in an open coffin, on the main street of the country, as a warning to every outlaw and murderer with a placard attached to the coffin, saying, "This is what happens to killers killing them here.

At the same time, Kid, instructed by Munny, kills in an ambush the second young man (the one who had scourged the woman, the real culprit), discovering shortly after his ambition to become a famous gunman was completely disappeared after his first murder He left him with a deep and unbearable remorse. Shocked by the execution he has just made, he decides to leave after receiving with Munny, one of the prostitutes, the agreed reward. The girl however informs the two of Ned's touching fate.

It is at that moment that the bloody and ruthless killer was reappeared: Munny, having instructed Kid to deliver the parties to him and Ned to their respective families, decides to return to the country and, in the saloon, only against everyone in a " Obscures the incessant rain night, massacred sheriff Little Bill Daggett and many of his aides, with that coldness and that determination that he was partially missed in the two paid homicides for which he had been hired.

Completed the vengeance, Munny leaves the country intimating the inhabitants to make a nice funeral to Ned and not to mistreat the prostitutes anymore, otherwise he will come back and kill them all.

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