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MOVIE" T2: Trainspotting 2 " Blu-ray SLIP CASE FIRST PRESS EDITION


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Region Code : A

Audio: English 5.1 DTS-HD MASTER AUDIO, Italian 5.1 DTS MASTER AUDIO,  Japanese 5.1 DTS MASTER AUDIO, Thai  5.1, English, 5.1(Descriptive Audio)

- Movie subtitle: Korean, English, English SDH, C
hinese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Thai 

Widescreen 1.85:1

- Disc type : BD-50 DUAL LAYER

Special Feature

• Commentary With Danny Boyle & John Hodge 
• 20 Years In The Making: A Conversation With Danny Boyle & The Cast 

• Calton Athletic Documentary: Choosing Endorphins Over Addiction 

• Deleted Scenes

Begbie Walks / Veronoka & Simon / Spud’s Real Friends / Men Make Easy Fools / 

Begbie Surgery / Take Veronika Home / Begbie Wakes Up In Hospital / 

Renton Visits Gail / Simon & Veronika Shopping / RIP Skag Boys / Supercasino / 

Fight at Tynecastle / Renton at The Airport / Concerned Citizen / Pills & Supercasino / 

Spud & Gail / Begbie & Stoddart / Stoddart Trapped / What Did That Lawyer Say? / 

Feeding Stoddart / Begbie Calls / Stoddart Escapes / Parliament Tea Trolley / 

I Like Your Stories / Stealing iPad / Train Journey / Swen Up and Back to Diane’s / 

Diane / The Painting 

Special Feature subtitle Korean, English,Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Thai 


At the age of twenty-five he escaped from Scotland with £ 6,000 in the bag, Mark Renton returns to Edinburgh and in front of his old friends, Simon "Sick Boy" and Daniel "Spud". Even "Franco" Begbie, meanwhile, escaped jail and can not wait to kill him with bare hands. Renton has betrayed them, made a living out of the drug, and inside a middle class project, but that life has already crumbled, while the friendship of the syringe companions shows, despite everything, that he has kept it well. Much has changed and much has remained the same.

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