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Language: Korean


Subtitles: Korean / English


Region Code:A


Run Time: 130 mins




DTS-HDMA Korean 5.1

Genre : Drama



Breathless (Hangul: 똥파리; RR: Ddongpari; literally "shitfly") is a 2008 South Korean film by Yang Ik-june and the story revolves around child abuse and loan sharking. A loan shark named Sang-Hoon finds himself striking a friendship with a troubled schoolgirl, Yeon-Hee, as he faces his own troubled past with his abusive father.




Breathless has won the Grand Prize at the 2009 Tokyo Filmex, the Silver Screen Award at the 2009 Singapore International Film Festival the Tiger Prize at the 2009 Rotterdam International Film Festival and the 30th Blue Dragon Awards for Best New Actor (Yang Ik-june) and Best New Actress (Kim Kkot-bi tied with Park Bo-young From Scandal Makers). It saw over 100,000 admissions in South Korea.






Sang-hoon is a foul-mouthed and violent gangster working for an illegal money-lending organization run by his long-time friend and loan shark, Man-shik. He is first seen attacking protestors who are disrupting the work of a construction company with the other members of the organization.




Sang-hoon has a nephew, Hyung-in, whom he adores. His sister cares about the nephew also, even inviting him to dinner. Sang-hoon and her are on less than friendly terms and he avoids her. It is revealed that when he was a kid, his abusive father once had a quarrel with his mother and stabbed his sister by accident. His mother was then hit by a car.[clarification needed] It is implied that his father has remarried.




One day, after visiting his nephew, he accidentally spits on a high school student, Han Yeon-hee, who demands that he apologize. They get into an argument and he punches her, knocking her unconscious. When she wakes up, she realizes that Sang-hoon was waiting for her to awake and has wiped her clothes clean. Undaunted by his ferocity, she demands compensation from him. He is intrigued by her spunk and they form a tenuous friendship.




While Sang-hoon believes that Yeon-hee comes from a rich family, they, in fact, have trouble regularly paying the rent. Her father is a war veteran who has delusions that Yeon-hee's mother is still alive. Both her father and brother, Han Young-jae, frequently threaten and verbally abuse her.






Yang Ik-june as Sang-hoon


Kim Kkot-bi as Yeon-hee


Jung Man-sik as Man-shik


Lee Hwan as Young-jae




Blu-Ray Region Codes


In total, there are 3 separate Blu-Ray region codes. These codes are classified alphabetically as Region A, Region B, and Region C. Blu-ray discs that have been manufactured in region A are embedded with region code A, and are therefore only usable with players from region A. The same is applicable for regions B and C. Below is a map showing how Blu-ray region codes are separated and administered by geographic location.




Guide map of Blu-ray region codes. This map shows the different Blu-ray codes and which areas they are utilized in. Click the map to view in full-size


Region A: This region covers all of North America, South America and South East Asia.


Region B: This encompasses Europe, Africa, Middle East, French territories and Greenland.


Region C: Region which covers the rest of the world including Russia, Asia, and China.

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