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Region code : A

 Genre : Action & Drama


Korean, English

2.35:1 AVC 1080p

Audio - korean 5.1 DTS-HD MA Audio

R2B: Return to Base (Hangul: 알투비: 리턴투베이스; RR: Altubi: Riteontu Be-iseu) is a 2012 South Korean aviation action drama film loosely based on the critically acclaimed 1986 film Top Gun. The film stars Rain, Shin Se-kyung and Yoo Jun-sang in lead roles. It was directed by Kim Dong-won and is a remake of Shin Sang-ok's 1964 film Red Scarf. It is about a talented, yet troublemaking, elite air force pilot who is demoted to a combat flying unit. It was released on 15 August 2012. Republic of Korea Air Force was heavily involved to support filming.


The film was the final acting project for Rain, before he enlisted to serve his mandatory military service in October after filming wrapped in September 2011.


The film is also known under the alternate titles Black Eagle and Soar Into the Sun






Captain Jung Tae-yoon (Rain), a South Korean air force pilot in the Black Eagles aerobatic team, performs a cocky and dangerous maneuver during an air show and is transferred to the 21st Fighter Wing, a combat unit flying the F-15K strike fighter. There he meets Cheol-hee (Yoo Jun-sang), the unit's own top gun. The two come into conflict immediately, since Tae-hun is free-spirited, whereas Cheol-hee plays by the rules. However, when a reconnaissance mission unexpectedly becomes an incident, the two team up to rescue their missing comrades and avert a nuclear exchange between North and South Korea. As a consequence of the mission, a F-15 has been shot down on the North Korean side of the Demilitarized Zone and a Korean People's Air Force MiG-29 entered South Korean airspace and bombed Seoul.


A rescue mission is sent, with South Korean air force pararescue in heavily armed Blackhawk helicopters supported by a strike package involving a KAI T-50 and F-15s armed with Mavericks, JDAMS and Sidewinders. The F-15 pilots manage to down the rogue MiG-29 which earlier attacked Seoul and restore the honour of their country and their squadron. The rescue mission and a strike against a nuclear silo are a success, however, the T-50 is lost while trying to evade a SAM. Despite the odds, the pilot survives; the end shows Jung giving his final respects to his fallen comrade.






Rain - Captain Jung Tae-yoon, a former Black Eagles pilot who is reassigned to the 21st Fighter Wing as a F-15K pilot

Shin Se-kyung - Technical Sergeant Yoo Se-young, a 21st Fighter Wing mechanic & Tae-Yoon's love interest.

Yoo Jun-sang - Major Lee Cheol-hee, a former Top Gun 21st Fighter Wing

Lee Ha-na - Captain Oh Yoo-jin, Tae-yoon's Air Force Academy classmate and Cheol-hee's Weapon Systems Officer (WSO).

Kim Sung-soo - Major Park Dae-suh, Tae-yoon's academy senior and flight leader in the 21st Fighter Wing

Lee Jong-suk - First Lieutenant Ji Seok-hyun, rookie pilot and Tae-yoon's WSO

Jung Kyung-ho - Captain Jo Tae-bong, a pilot

Jung Suk-won - Technical Sergeant Choi Min-ho, a pararescueman

Jo Sung-ha - Brigadier General Choi Byeong-gil, 21st Fighter Wing commander

Oh Dal-su - Master Sergeant Min Dong-phil, 21st Fighter Wing maintenance crew chief

Blu-Ray Region Codes

In total, there are 3 separate Blu-Ray region codes. These codes are classified alphabetically as Region A, Region B, and Region C. Blu-ray discs that have been manufactured in region A are embedded with region code A, and are therefore only usable with players from region A. The same is applicable for regions B and C. Below is a map showing how Blu-ray region codes are separated and administered by geographic location.


Guide map of Blu-ray region codes. This map shows the different Blu-ray codes and which areas they are utilized in. Click the map to view in full-size

Region A: This region covers all of North America, South America and South East Asia.

Region B: This encompasses Europe, Africa, Middle East, French territories and Greenland.

Region C: Region which covers the rest of the world including Russia, Asia, and China.

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